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Many want to meet the right person and have a happy, lasting relationship. However, almost 50% of the USA marriages end up in a divorce. To help avoid certain pitfalls that destroy marriages and relationships, here we have a few reasons why relationships fail.

  1. Trust Problems

The lack of trust is one of the couple’s worst impediments to a long-term successful relationship. Without a bond of faith, the relationship misses out on two of the biggest reasons for sustaining an association: safety and security. Some things can produce trust issues like jealousy, sexual infidelity, possessiveness, or lack of emotional support. These are the reasons why couples go for couple’s therapy, and there is a lot of mistrust in the relationship, and this is one of the biggest reasons why relationships fail.

  1. Expectations that Differ

It is not easy for the couple to be on the same wavelength for a different period. These elements draw two other people together at the start of the relationship, which are a physical attraction, similar interests, and backgrounds, and become less central when different demands of everyday life set in. Over time, a couple’s expectations in the whole relationship will diverge. Couples go from “what I want to “what we want” when discussing their aspirations and goals.

  1. Moving Through Our Life at Different Speed

When one of the partners is learning rapidly and growing while the other is staying static, there might be a relational divergence. One might be advancing fast in his career, and the other stays in a job she hates. The social circle begins to diverge, and the couple also starts to separate. They have grown apart intellectually and socially. This is another reason why relationships fail. Couples need to share their respective value systems.

  1. Communication Problems

This is a large one. Extensive studies have stated that communication is one of the biggest reasons why couples go for therapy, which is one of the biggest reasons why people break up and divorce. The biggest reason partners divorce is when partners show contempt in the whole relationship. Contempt is something like negative judgment or sarcasm back at the individual.

  1. Life Habit Abuse

These traits might involve the partner directly or indirectly, like gambling addictions, which might affect the relationship in a non-constructive manner. There is also habit abuse like problem drinking, gambling, excessive shopping, or drug abuse. Habits like these will put a significant strain on the relationship and go into other problems as well as poor communication.

Tips for Having a Healthy Relationship

Each relationship is unique, and a lot of people reach out together for different reasons. There should be a common objective of a relationship and where it is headed. That is something that you will know where you will have only when you talk deeply with your partner.

  • You are maintaining an emotional connection with your partner.
  • Not afraid of disagreement
  • Keep other interests apart from the relationships alive.

Now you know what it takes to have a healthy relationship; it is time to change those nasty habits! Have fun dating!

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